Monday, 2 March 2009

A few 'experimental ones' that came out pretty good, I like them anyway :)

Dancing couple card (below) was an outline sticker I stuck on card then coloured in with souffle pens and stardust Sakura pens. Framed, behind, with a glitter frame peel off onto vellum. Then all mounted on a white card and embellished.

Black and gold rose card (below) Gold outline sticker, coloured in with Sakura Stardust and Metallic pens, then adorned with a few simple accent peeloffs.

Silver and white rose card (below) Silver outline sticker, coloured in with Sakura souffle and stardust pens, then embellished around with borders and a few accents.

Jasikins card (Jasmine Becket-Griffiths 'Jasikins topper') Simple and pretty, I love Jasmine's work, have used her fairy's for doing personalised tags before and when I came across this I couldn't believe my luck!! One of my favourite fairies she's done. So, it doesn't need much to make it look good, just some simple embellishments, including some green square gems in the corners of the frames.